Stop Excessive Motorcycle Noise in Mount Vernon!

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Loud Motorcycles are Illegal

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Loud motorcycles with illegal mufflers frequently use the Mount Vernon Memorial Highway between Woodlawn and the Mount Vernon Estate, and the GW Parkway. These motorcycles are an illegal and highly intrusive source of noise pollution. Approximately 3 out of 4 motorcycles on these roads have illegal mufflers installed simply to make noise, usually 2 to 4 times more noise than the legal muffler.

What other traffic violation impacts so many people? Each time a loud motorcycle travels along the Mount Vernon Memorial Highway and the GW Parkway, hundreds of people inside and outside of our homes are forced to listen to the noise, often every 5 minutes or so on warm weekend days and weekday nights, from early morning to late at night.

Loud motorcycles are not appropriate for the Mount Vernon residential and historic area. Most of the motorcycles on these roads are louder than a semi truck or bus, and some like a jet engine. If all motorcycles used legal mufflers, they would rarely be heard.

A motorcycle cannot be manufactured to be loud since that is illegal under federal (EPA) law. Police can easily identify illegal mufflers and ticket offenders using the EPA Label Match Up Program and Fairfax County Ordinance Section 82-6-26. This is explained below.

Most of these loud motorcyclists come from our neighborhoods; do they consider our right to peace and quiet? Lets take back our roads, homes, parks, yards, porches, and historic areas from this illegal noise. Request enforcement of local ordinances (Fairfax County Municipal Code 82-6-26 and 82-6-27).

The noise from loud motorcycles not only disturbs the peace of our neighborhoods and lowers the quality of life; like graffiti or litter, it also fosters a poor image of the historic Mount Vernon area. The jarring noise leads to health issues associated with increased levels of stress (supported by several studies). If you have concerns about your heart or high blood pressure, there are several published studies concerning noise, stress, and health. Close proximity to very loud motorcycles can lead to hearing damage, particularly in young children.

Consider the impact of loud motorcycles on the hundreds of people.